Enabling ORs to run effective surgeries

Orchestra works directly with surgical providers to enable best-in-class perioperative care at a fraction of the cost.

Cancelled surgeries are expensive

Lost revenue from surgical cancelations costs the U.S. healthcare market $63 Billion dollars a year from lost revenue alone.

$63 Billion

Cancellations happen very often

Locality and specialty play a large role in a facility's natural cancellation rate, but maintaining best practices can cut that rate in half.


Most cancellations are avoidable

The majority of cancellations occur from common mistakes and foreseeable circumstances. Up to 67% of cancellations are recoverable, which can earn a typical facility millions in additional revenue


How we help

Standardize preop

Orchestra owns the full intake & preop process. Conducting a risk assessment, ordering necessary labs & studies, providing patient instructions and follow-up, and dispersing necessary documentation to the correct stakeholders.

Optimize surgery

No more last minute cancellations for avoidable reasons. Orchestra puts your surgical staff in the best possible position for getting the most out of surgery by coordinating with all stakeholders and providing necessary updates and documentation as soon as possible.

Facilitate postop

Managing post-op and transitions to after care is a tricky business. Poor transitions of care can lead to prolonged recovery timelines and increased cost on the facility. Luckily, much of this can be avoided by standardizing your aftercare process and following-up with target facilities.

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